Great Drinks And Snacks For The Summer

When it comes to summer, we are all out of school, we are enjoying the summer sun and we are just looking for that tasty treat to cool us off. In the summer, most of us don’t want to eat because of the heat. However, these cooling recipes for summer can really wet your whistle.

Ice cream

Ice cream is a great treat for summer. This cool treat can come in a wide range of flavors and variations. For example, you can add fruit to it, or even dip cookies in it.

You can make ice cream at home using a variety of simple methods. You can also purchase a pre-made ice cream if you just in the mood for something fast and easy. A healthy ice cream option would be a no sugar added ice cream for those sweet tooth cravings.

Frozen Watermelon and other fruits

When looking for a treat consider some frozen favorites. Frozen watermelon, slices of fruit or whatever suits your fancy will be a refreshing treat in the summer sun. Frozen treats are usually simple to make when used with some readily available ingredients.


Grab a glass and fill it up with some lemonade for instant relief during those hot days. A great recipe might include the following steps:

Remove the seeds from a bunch of lemons. Mix some sugar with water and boil it until it becomes thick. Pour into glass and top off with ice.

You can also add more ingredients to this basic recipe, like berries or raspberries for example. A pie cooling drink is another great alternative as well for added flavor.

Bone chilling popsicles

A cool treat for the summer would be a nice icy popsicle to hit you taste buds, and make your day more relaxing. Similar to ice cream, popsicles can be made from milk or from an assortment of fruit juices.